3D 360 for Kyla La Grange

Earlier this year we were asked by Visualise to assist them with a music video for Kyla La Grange. The concept was very ambitious - the first of its kind in the UK, and involved 3D and mono deliveries. The music video was directed by De La Muerte films, and involved backing dancers, high frame rate filming, modified speeds for filming, a huge set and even trained horses. The shoot was a pleasure and one that we provided filming, DIT, initial grade and editing for. The mono version of the film is embedded below, but will only work on specific browsers (chrome, firefox, opera or internet explorer) and supported smartphones via the youtube application. In late July/August, the stereoscopic version should be launched via a custom application developed by Inception. We shot the music video on dual Red Epic Dragons, with DIT work performed with Shotput Pro. On set grading was performed between RedCine X and DaVinci Resolve, with assembly edits and still frames for reference exported via FCPX.