since 1973

We have invested in the best equipment available for independent sound and video production. We own the following:

Red Epic-W including full kit, memory cards, monitor, Foolcontrol, EF and PL mounts. Capable of filming at up to 8K resolution at 50fps, whilst generating ProRes proxy files, the Epic-W is simply one of the finest digital production cameras available today. It is excellent in low light, and has stunning highlight protection with the new IPP2 colour pipeline. 

Red Epic Dragon including full kit, memory cards, monitor, Foolcontrol, EF and PL mounts, EVF. Capable of filming at up to 6K resolution at 80fps, the Epic Dragon is an incredible camera with stunning skintone reproduction and excellent highlight protection.

Arri Alexa Classic including full kit, EVF, memory cards, PL mounts. A world renowned camera for studio film production and feature length TV. Classic Arri skintone looks, incredible colour latitude. 

Blackmagic URSA 4.6K, inc EF mount. A fantastic lower budget camera for event filming and creating marketing content. 

Numerous microphones for location recording

Neumann microphones for studio recording

24 channel Digital mixing for audio recording

Canon 5D MKII

Numerous GoPro's

2 Mac Pro based 8K capable workstations

4 high speed G-Tech Studio XL thunderbolt 2 RAIDs

LTO6 Thunderbolt 2 Tape Backup solution

Full AVID software

Full Adobe CC software

FCPX, Motion, Logic X software

DaVinci Resolve Pro software

Fusion Pro

Shotput Pro for DIT work

2 Macbook Pro edit suites for portable editing