Ongoing work....Summer 2016

Things have been very hectic this year, following the completion of filming with the first batch of holocaust survivors. We have had a tight post production schedule to stick to, along with ongoing work with some of our other clients such as Yara, Portakabin and Ebac.

We have also just completed the pre-production stage for an exciting new installation and film project with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue, working for Paragon Creative who are in charge of overall creative theming and production. The film is very ambitious - utilising 6K Red Epic Dragon cameras, steadicam, anamorphic lenses, non standard aspect ratio for delivery, and challenging filming locations with fire, water and traffic accident rescue. The client has been very accommodating, and we are very much looking forwards to the first filming period which is coming up in early July. 

Working alongside Paragon Creative for the project, we are also assisting with hardware specification and custom software development. A new training centre is being built in Bury, and there will be a widescreen theatre for showing the film, along with some interactive elements so that the fire service can track the learning of children and adults who visit the site. They can also create bespoke quizzes, choose them based on age range and ability and then export the results privately for later analysis. More on this as we progress, but we are really excited to deliver.


Recently, we've completed a small job with Bright White for Malton Museum, which required a custom touchscreen application and some aerial filming, and are working on a bespoke iOS application for the William Heath Robinson museum in London.


Later in the year we hope to start work on more 3D filming with Bright White, and are looking at some more learning centres around the country to develop content with.